A: We prefer Cash or Check; however we also take Master Card, Visa, and American Express.

A: Click the link below, fill out the form with your name, email, phone number and a message with the make, model and condition of your vehicle. We will get back to you shortly to schedule an appointment.

A: Common courtesy would be at least 24-hour advance notice, but I understand things happen. We send out a confirmation email the day before your appointment date, and if you have to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible so I can make other arrangements and attempt to fill your slot. If for some reason you do not show up, or cancel after the guys & truck have arrived at your scheduled address, then there will be a $75.00 cancellation fee as we have to pay for fuel, lost time and labor. Please try to give us a min of 12 hours if you need to cancel your appointment to elivate this fee.

A: I highly recommend that you let us detail your new vehicle as soon as possible. There will be tons of contamination that needs to be removed. The worst being the shipping contamination, such as sea-salt, exhaust, rail-dust, industrial fallout, or tree-sap that might have contacted the clear-coat during shipping. We do this by using our clay-bar treatment. Also its best to start your car’s life with a great application of Swissvax waxes. We can come to the dealership that you have purchased your vehicle and prep the vehicle prior to you picking it up for the first time. For more information visit our New Car Prep page.

A: Please click here to view a before and after picture of swirl and machine buffer marks.

A: We have a shop here in Chico that is the perfect environment for detailing, protective film, coatings, and tinting services. Our special lighting and clean facility allows us to provide the highest quality of service with exceptional attention to detail.

A: We can do everything needed to prepare your vehicle for an upcoming show or concourse event. From undercarriage detailing to engine detailing we can perform it all and then some. Please email me for more information.

We never recommend clay-barring your own vehicle – it must be done by a professional like us. You can scratch and ruin your cars paint if done incorrectly.

A: No, clay bar treatment does not fill or remove swirl marks. Its main purpose is to remove surface contamination such as rail dust, break dust, industrial fallout, tree sap, road tar, bug residue, paint over spray, and acid rain deposits.


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